Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to becoming a nationally and internationally recognized leader in innovative approaches to active living, health promotion, and quality health services by producing highly trained health manpower cadres throughout the country.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching, research, and community services within higher education environment to develop professionals who provide leadership in evidence-based practice that ensures and promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences mission is to improve the health and care of individuals and communities across Somalia country and globally through world class research, learning and practice.

The objective of the faculty is to develop highly skilled and compassionate professionals in their chosen careers who aspire to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. Our focus on education excellence and innovative research is reflected by the academics and researchers across Somalia higher education institutions either Governmental or Non-Governmental.
We believe that Health is influenced by many factors in our community and is underpinned by knowledge that ranges from the cultural to scientifically sound experiments , so the faculty degrees reflect the fact that healthcare goes beyond the work done by doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists and other health practitioners.

  1. Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery.
  2. Bachelor in Science in Midwifery.
  3. Bachelor in Public Health.
  4. Bachelor in General Nursing.
  5. Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science.
  6. Bachelor in Nutrition Science.

The aim of the faculty is to improve the health of individuals and populations through education, research and practice. In Somalia the thirst for opportunities for career development in this sector is very apparent since our people have been trapped in the midst of prolonged civil strife and chaos which has unavoidably threatened to overwhelm the already precarious health care condition. Over the last three decades the ongoing civil war has destroyed all of the health-care and economic infrastructures in the country.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the second and third batches of ladies just graduated as midwives from faculty of Health Sciences and first batch of graduates from Public Health and General Nursing Departments. As everywhere, convocation is the fruit of hard work and the Ultimate symbol of the achievement of students. It also bears testimony to the accomplishment of the students, their parents, the faculty and the management of the university as a whole. My hope for you is a learning experience that touches your heart and not just your mind.

Best wishes for a rewarding academic year.

Dr. Abdi Omar Ahmed

Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences