The aim of the faculty is to provide students with knowledge, competencies, skills and awareness of a variety of subjects linked together by the common theme of Maritime Studies and Marine Science in response to the actual need for this field of knowledge in the country. The faculty also aims to be a center of excellence for the research on maritime management and marine science.

• To be centre for research and consultancy for Somali maritime industry.
•  To produce specialized and highly qualified graduates with competitive skills that will contribute to Somali maritime industry.

  • Develop and enhance the professional skills for managers and officers who are working in the Somali maritime industry.

Faculty Description

Somalia has 3,333Km of coastal line and there is a crucial need for Maritime studies and Marine Science experts and based on this essential need Darul Hikmah University has originated the first unique Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science in the South and Central Somalia on December 27, 2012.

Faculty Departments:

  1. Department of Maritime Management.
  2. Department of Fishery.
  3. Department of Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation

the fisheries department held seminars, workshops and trainings for Mogadishu, lower and middle communities to make the aware of for fishing trade which most of the Somali people do not have knowledge. DHU took the responsibility to teach this people the importance of fish itself and fishing business, which the people ignored themselves to be a big source of income. The aim of the awareness program was a focal point that all the entire community groups to feel the need for fish and fish farming and business.

Deans’ Message

Our community of marine scientists at Darul Hikmah University is adamant in making sure that we adhere to the pursuit of excellence and perfection as embodied in our motto “home of wisdom”. It is not as easy as it sounds but DHU family collectively shoulders to make it a reality by sharing that wisdom with our students.

What is noteworthy above everything else is the fact that DHU was the first university in Somalia to establish marine science department- the first of its kind on Somali soil. DHU stepped up to the plate when experts at the university envisioned the dire need to produce talented marine and fisheries scientists that help the nation to take advantage of the vast resources abundant in the aquatic systems of the country. Somalia enjoys the longest coastline in mainland Africa, untapped resources like minerals, natural gas and economically valuable organisms and the complete absence of professional cadres in the sector is mindboggling!. DHU decided to fill this void and abruptly laid the foundation stone for the marine science department. 

The department consists of several disciplines including but not limited to fisheries science, marine biology and oceanography, port management and marine economics & management. The department got a wide positive reception from the community and acknowledged its inception. We are bent on to tirelessly proceed with our endeavor to better serve this great nation. So far, we have two batches graduated from the department and third one is forthcoming within couple of months. 

However, one of the most important principles of this department is to contribute to the sustainable development goal (SDG14) which entails about life below water. We are striving to eradicate poverty and hunger by educating the community formally and informally on the significance of fisheries and aquaculture. Hence, we encourage our Somali people to actively participate and unanimously put all of our efforts in the improvement of production sectors in general and in the fisheries sector in particular. That will definitely alleviate poverty and at the same time improve the living standards by raising the overall GDP of the country.
Lastly, I’d like to welcome all community members to join us in our journey of adventure into the oceans and the best ways to generate income from it while keeping it intact and sustainable for the many generations to come. 

I convey my heartfelt congratulations to the outgoing students of DHU in general and the fisheries scientists in particular. I have mixed feelings toward your departure from our campus. I assure you that you’ll linger in our memories for eternity. I wish you a blossoming, bright future all the way through your higher studies and careers.

Mr. Ahmed Abdi Adam

Dean of Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Sciences