The mission of the Faculty of Agriculture can be concluded as shown below:
* Research: to generate and preserve knowledge, understanding and creativity by conducting high-quality research and study suitable with the environmental conditions in the country to benefit students, scholars as well as communities.
*Teaching and Learning: to share knowledge, understanding and creativity by providing extensive educational programs in a community that had survived such consequences of warfare as in Somalia.

In reaching our goal, we will continually advance our vision, which is to develop the young generation in Somalia through the promotion of teaching and farming for professional using excellence and advanced approach in education and research in order to encourage surplus crop production and from now reduce dependence on food imports into Somalia.

The establishment of Darul Hikmah University and Faculty of Agriculture was proposed in December 2012 by prominent Somali citizens, most of whom were scholars specialized in agricultural sciences. Thereafter, the faculty which has apparently been running its activities under the support of Darul Hikmah University was formally announced and a technical committee appointed in a gathering held in Mogadishu where most agricultural professionals had commonly attended.

The committee had passed in December 2012 a resolution for the establishment of Darul Hikmah University whose agricultural college was to follow the same principles set forth in the former Somali National University’s study approach regarding the study courses of the faculty of Agriculture throughout the academic period. However, the conference decided to devote further year for the project’s feasibility study. The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Darul Hikmah was established on Mach 15, 2013. It is Second of the faculties in the nation that offers a program of study since the civil war in Somalia began in early 1990’s.
In March 2013, formation of the Faculty Agriculture stemmed from an earlier concept of setting up a privately-run institution to meet the challenges of a sustainable agricultural college in times of necessity.

The Faculty of Agriculture was formally approved in January 2013 to start the registration process at the Faculty Campus. Classes had started in March 2013 for the successful candidates who passed the admission test. The faculty of agriculture at University of Darul Hikma makes available scholars a program in “Agriculture Science”. At present, DHU offers only undergraduate programs in agriculture including agricultural biotechnology, horticulture, land use and management, and agricultural rural innovation. Graduates from this faculty are expected to be best in their field.

1- To encourage promotion of privately-owned higher professional education in Somalia
2- To provide higher education for the young generation surviving the political unrest in the country
3- To produce improved and cash crop for the small and commercial farmers involved stable food and exportation commodity.

4- To adopt proper environmentally friendly scientific research.

Deans’ Message

Based on the key words of “food,” “environment,” and “life,” the Darul Hikmah University faculty of Agro- veterinary and Environmental Sciences is engaged in education and research from a wide variety of approaches ranging in order to solve these important issues.

The Faculty of Agro- veterinary and Environmental Sciences at DHU was established 2013 which students learn all agriculture-related subjects: crops, fruits, horticulture, forestry, forest ecosystems, livestock farming, grasslands, processing and application of foods, veterinary care, and agricultural economy.

As Dean of the faculty, I extend a sincere congratulation and best of luck to the graduates. This is the beginning of greater things in life. Your star has just started shining. Sincere and hearty thanks also, as always, to all in our faculty community for your contributions to our graduating class’s successes. Together we enter another notable page in the history of our Darul Hikmah’s faculty of Agro-veterinary Science.

Wishing you all a very happy life.

Mr. Ahmed Abdirahman Mohamud

Dean of Faculty of Agro-veterinary and Environmental Sciences